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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Renewing my love affair

For the longest time, i have had a love affair with ... Cheez-its! And it continues! ahaha... back to the cheez-its.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Something Good Finaly Happens

I now own my parent old laptop, which they gave to me when they got a new one! I feel so happy, in fact i'm on it right now!

Friday, March 25, 2011

School starts again...

School starts again, and with nine weeks left, i need to improve- majorly!

1. Need to be nicer
I have a tendency to say mean things in a kidding way to hide my own hurt. (Trust me there is a lot) I've been getting better, since i've had 8 min. inbetween two classes to talk to my best friend and get stuff out.
2. Need to be myself
I also have a tendency to be fake, stupid-acting, etc. I don't know if anyone knows who i truly am (a thought that hasn't quite sunk in yet)
3. Need to pay attention during math
Try to bring up my B.
4. Need to try to enjoy track
Because right now, I'm hating track, because its not nearly as fun as Cross Country.
5. Need to become more faithful
I really am making an honest effort to become one with god.
6. Really need to work on my dancing skills
If i ever wanna be any good in the future.

but as i look over those, thats alot for me to do, and i think i'll crack under the pressure!!! I almost did, but then cross country was over and the pressure was lifted, but now i have track and i'm starting to stress out! and i'm sick, and i'm on spring Breakkkk!!!! Gahhh! I'm really bad at planning out my future, which is probably why i stress out...

wow, i have like no imagination

Looking over my friends blog, I realized that i haven't posted anything excited, life altering, etc. on this blog. So I'm starting now:

Don't you ever think,
just one moment think,
what your life were like
if you
were someone else?

Don't you ever dream,
just a little bit dream,
that your life would be better,
if you were someone else?

Don't you ever dare,
Just a little dare,
to try to be

You are brilliant,
perfectly brilliant,
when you're not
a minion of
someone else.

Made that up on the spot, you should be pretty proud.

Is a sicky poo...

Stole the title from this guy i know. I am sick, it sucks. I'm all sniffle-ily-upance. I didn't go to bed till like 1 last night, which is late for me! Then i had this weird dream... I hate being sick. I think its from sitting around my house all day on spring break! :(

Monday, March 21, 2011

I reeeeaaaallllllllyyyy wanna...

Dance! I have this burning desire to go to a dance class!!! Like really bad! Grrrr... If only I was taking a jazz class... :(

A change of mind

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Spanish? :D it is now like, amazing to me! This may have to do with the fact that I have it with my best friend... :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dont mean to bore you

Im gonna keep this short and sweet: I hate spanish! I have nothing against it really, i just hate my spanish teacher, and they way she teaches. This is not the way I learned english! and not the way i'm gonna learn my third language either! I don't think anyone can learn this way...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What to do with my life...

I hate this point, where you don't know what to do with your life, yet its pretty much the most crucial point in your career. This is where i should start preparing for my life! But im sitting here remembering im not good at anything and at a total lost for ideas!

FCAT=No homework (at least until tomorrow)

yep, we had an fcat writes simulation, but for the eighth graders it was the real deal. Therefore all our classes were like 30 min. except 5th period, which for me, is spanish. Yah!Yah!... (sarcastic of course). Anyways, i only have a math test to study for, spanish test to study for, and spanish homework, but hey, i can do it tomorrow. For now im free!!!

Do you remember when you were in school, and those few nights without homework were total bliss? Well thats how it is today :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

How do I be a stupid Girl?

I love, love, love, <3, that song! its by p!nk, in case you didnt know. Its about how people do stuff to there body, like plastic surgery, and act stupid, and dye there hair platinum blonde, etc. Its amazing, and my personel athem, because in the end it show an old "stupid girl" with stringy hair, and wrinkles, etc. It looks horrible, and you know, being a stupid girl isnt' worth that. Wow. that was one very long sentence...

heres a link to the youtube video. Enjoy.

by the way, the reason why I am posting this is because some people need to chill, it isn't like who you go out with now your going to marry later! Gosh the dudes an idiot (replace idiot with not nice word), get over him! Let him date other chicks! Ruin YOUR valentines day? whatever. Take a look at mine!

Why I hate my life -a list

1. Can't dance as often as before
2. The guy i like is going to a different High School then me next year, and I'll still be in middle school anyways
3. Cross Country is over
4. I'm doing track with my best friend, whos other best friend i hate, and the chick i hate is also doing track
5. The guy i like isn't doing track even though he did cross country
6. I'm not in company

I think six is a good number. Its the number of the devil, right?

7. I have to work on a yearbook spread with a really annoying girl
8. The quarters almost over
9. I have Mr. T
10. I have Ms. W's tests

But 10 is a better number

11. Spanish Class

But i had one more

Things I actually like about my life:

1. I have 2 amazing best friends ever
2. I have spanish with my best friend
3. Amazing parents
4. Space Unicorns ;)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

National History Day- who knew it could be so....

Yeah, im a history buff. Want to know what year women could start attending West Point? 1976. Want to know who the first people in the caribean are? Ciboney. Got the point? So you know, a national history day project would be exciting, right? You guesssed wrong, it was soooo boring. I worked in a group though with some of my best friends and we had some good times listening to "Space Unicorn", "Concrete Angel", and "You're gonna be". We met up today to work on it, because we passed our school competiton and made it on to County competition, which is Saturday. I'll miss another week of dance: Yahh! I've already missed this week because of Cross country. so yaaa... gotta go for now! good bye! Come back soon! etc.

First and Foremost: Me

Dude, Im a middle school girl, so dont ask why i act so annoying and whiny. ok, now that we've got that figured out, you should know a bit about me:
First, Im 5'6'', and weigh like 105 lbs. im in 7th grade and live in florida. I hate pretty much my entire school, and i probably couldn't survive without my friends. Great, now you know a bit about me, but dont like stalk me or anything, because thats just creepy! And i'll just stalk you back, because yeah, i'm just that awesome! ;)